State and Local Authorities

State and local authorities deliver public services involving transportation, ports, research, economic development, and utilities. As public sector enterprises they need to balance the needs of their constituents with organizational obligations surrounding operating budgets, regulations, and environmental stewardship.

Serving the public through operational excellence

State and local authorities are responsible for extensive portfolios of public facilities that consume large amounts of energy, water, and waste. Whether for courthouses, college campuses, or water and wastewater systems, standardizing operational processes and optimization techniques can be a difficult addition to everyday responsibilities. By partnering with an experienced facility operator, these agencies can consolidate management and streamline operating procedures to increase system efficiency and guarantee financial stability.

Setting the standard for environmental stewardship

States across North America have proposed bold and progressive initiatives to promote energy efficiency, sustainability, and climate resiliency. As these goals cascade down, local agencies are looking for partners to bring practical solutions to the table, such as a dashboard showing utility consumption by agency or a wastewater P3 with guaranteed sustainability KPIs.

State and local authorities play a key role in building frameworks to advance sustainability initiatives.

Our solutions for state and local authorities

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