Onsite / Distributed Energy

Onsite / Distributed Energy

The global and North American leader in power and thermal energy solutions.
Onsite / Distributed Energy

The challenge as we see it

Industries, cities, and buildings are increasingly focused on controlling energy costs while also reducing their environmental impact. At the same time, the energy industry is becoming more complex as markets, technologies and innovative business models create new opportunities.

Our differentiated value

These converging factors have created a need to seek specialized partners that can help make sense of it all and deliver integrated expertise. With a multi-faceted team of energy, finance, operations, and technology experts, Veolia is capable of developing, operating and optimizing distributed energy assets for both new and existing facilities through multiple contracting and delivery models.

  • Ability to develop project economics and technical feasibility
  • A track record of working collaboratively with local utilities
  • Experience navigating utility interconnection and permitting
  • Blend skills in power, thermal, markets, engineering and construction
  • Integrated, turnkey project delivery capabilities
  • Practical operator expertise

Our solutions for onsite and distributed energy

Depending on our customers' energy needs, our onsite and distributed energy solutions include a range of technologies and applications. These innovative solutions enable our customers to focus on maximizing the performance of their core business, while also improving efficiency, sustainability, and reliability.


A microgrid is an electrical grid that can isolate a group of buildings or energy consuming assets and self-power with local generation, helping reduce energy costs, limit greenhouse gas emissions and increase resiliency. Successful microgrid development requires integrated expertise in energy systems analysis, utility rate modeling, engineering and operations — areas representing our core organizational competencies. We’ve successfully developed microgrid projects featuring a range of technologies including combined heat & power (CHP), storage and renewables.

Combined heat & power

CHP, also known as cogeneration, is a sustainable and efficient energy solution that recycles waste heat and converts it into useful thermal energy. The simultaneous production of power and thermal energy consumes less fuel than if produced separately and can exceed 80 percent efficiency. As one of the largest operators of CHP systems in North America, we expertly navigate the CHP landscape to meet energy requirements and to deliver on financial, reliability and sustainability goals. We’ve also completed over 200 CHP studies and served as the owner’s representative for some of the most high profile cogeneration projects in North America.

Central utility plants

With thousands of energy installations managed worldwide, Veolia operates, maintains and manages complex energy plants and facility infrastructure systems to meet sustainability objectives, maximize efficiencies and minimize risk for our customers. By leveraging a life-cycle approach, combined with a thorough preventive maintenance program, we deliver operational savings, peak efficiencies and emission reductions for several leading universities and colleges, hospitals, commercial properties and institutional clients across the country.

Renewable energy

Renewables represent an important opportunity to reduce emissions and increase energy independence, and in some cases, installing your own renewable generation can also save money and increase resiliency. We evaluate renewables projects holistically—financially, technically, environmentally—to make sure we only pursue projects that we are confident will be successful. We can fulfill customer requirements ranging from feasibility analysis for on-site generation, to project management for industrial scale commercial generation developments.

Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.
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