Smart Building Solutions

Smart Building Solutions

Veolia manages over 20,000 meters and connected smart building devices in facilities across North America.

The challenge as we see it

We live in an age where technology, data, and advanced analytics are transforming every business sector. This includes buildings and facilities - where new metering technology, sensors, and smart building software platforms are going to market at a dizzying rate. Building owners and managers need partners they can trust to ensure quality data, technology flexibility, and actionable data analysis.

Our differentiated value

With over a dozen smart building monitoring centers around the world, Veolia is a global leader in advanced smart building solutions. In North America, we provide a broad range of smart building solutions for some of the largest building portfolios and building campuses across North America.

  • Smart building technology and vendor neutral
  • Focus on smart building systems interoperability
  • Experience designing robust yet cost-effective systems
  • Hundreds of installations expertly integrated & commissioned
  • Experience integrating BMS, controls, and CMMS platforms
  • Multiple vendor certifications (e.g. Tridium, Square D, ION)
  • Dedicated smart building monitoring centers (“Hubgrades”)
  • Full-time analyst desk monitoring data in real-time

Our solutions for smart buildings

Veolia offers a broad range of smart building solutions that enable building owners and managers to increase transparency of their operations and isolate potential cost efficiencies, as well as enhance occupant comfort. These solutions are deployed out of Veolia’s Hubgrade centers - a collection of regional smart monitoring and network operations centers supported by a team of engineers, operators, technicians, and analysts.

Smart building design & integration

Veolia is a vendor agnostic partner and we work with clients to develop and implement smart building solutions to meet our client’s goals and KPIs — balancing existing technologies and infrastructure with system expandability, interoperability, and features/functionality. In addition to designing smart building systems, we work with our clients on a turnkey basis to oversee installations and perform all commissioning, network configuration, and systems integration.

Real-time metering & monitoring

Remote metering and sub-metering technologies — sometimes referred to as advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) —  provide the ability to analyze utility information in real-time and allow operators to evaluate and adjust usage to affect cost savings. Our internally developed EMSYS and FMPower software platforms, as well as our partner solutions, offer our clients access to leading-edge tools for managing and visualizing real-time data.

Smart building analytics & performance management

Having access to accurate and robust data is the first step in using smart building technologies to improve operations. Realizing the benefits that these solutions promise, however, often requires going a step further. Veolia has a team of analysts who work out of our Hubgrade smart monitoring centers in cities across North America. As part of a performance management engagement, we work together with our clients to understand and develop KPIs, alarming and reports which are used for active, real-time management. This creates alignment with building operations and management staff and ensures that the data collected is transformed into actionable information.

Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.
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