Energy Efficiency Solutions

Energy Efficiency Solutions

We're an energy efficiency partner, not an energy efficiency technology vendor.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

The challenge as we see it

Reducing energy expenses and increasing sustainable performance has become a core strategy for facility owners, operators and managers across all sectors of the economy. These organizations need qualified partners who can help them plan, develop, implement and manage a range of energy efficiency solutions.

Our differentiated value

Veolia is one of the only Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) with capabilities and expertise across the energy-as-a-service value chain. Our engineers, operators, and analysts have decades of experience helping customers optimize how their facilities use energy.

  • Driven by client objectives, not technology sales
  • Holistic approach to energy conservation measures (ECMs)
  • Integrated, turnkey energy project delivery
  • Performance-based savings finance capabilities
  • In-depth understanding of local utility programs
  • Strong measurement & verification (M&V) capabilities
  • Energy efficiency projects delivered on-time, and within budget

Our solutions for energy efficiency

Veolia helps our customers identify energy efficiency opportunities, ranging from lighting upgrades, HVAC improvements, on-site energy generation, controls and demand management strategies. Beyond simply delivering an ASHRAE energy audit, we have the ability to develop and implement investment grade energy performance solutions through a range of turnkey project delivery models.

Turnkey energy efficiency projects

Veolia has a team of over 150 dedicated energy efficiency engineers and consultants. We have experts in energy efficiency auditing, energy master planning, facility retro-commissioning, monitoring-based commissioning and more. We have developed energy savings strategies for a broad range of facility types, from commercial office buildings, to court houses, museums, industrial plants and wastewater treatment facilities. As a full-service energy services firm, we develop energy conservation measures from concept through implementation - delivering turnkey, performance-based energy efficiency projects on-time and in-line with savings estimates.

Utility programs

There are numerous utility incentive and state grant programs offering funds to encourage energy efficiency project investment. Veolia has experience both administering and developing applications for customers looking to utilize these programs - in combination with our turnkey energy efficiency project delivery solution. We have an in-depth understanding of program requirements and how to efficiently work with program managers to ensure a seamless process.

Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.
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