Veolia’s Re-Source Solutions team is dedicated to integrated waste programs and driving sustainability for our customers' waste management programs. Our Continual Improvement process focuses on productive improvements in the utilization and management of non-core manufacturing resources, ultimately resulting in the reduction and/or elimination of waste. 

We will work to eliminate, reduce or reuse waste and waste byproducts. Our dedicated teams can leverage your facility's resources to find and implement beneficial reuse options, sort and find outlets for recycling, seek alternative disposal methods and reduce waste program costs. 

At the forefront of responsible resource management, Veolia is facilitating more sustaintable access to the water, energy and raw materials resources that remain. We are helping preserve and extend these resources through the development of more sustainable lifecycle management processes. And we help replenish the resources that fuel our world through recycling, reuse and regeneration technologies that transform recovered materials into new resources.

Interested in seeing our solutions at work? Read more about our success with the Ford Rouge complex.