District Energy Networks

Our district systems average over 99.9% availability.

The challenge as we see it

As cities become more condensed, extreme weather events increase and industries require more redundant and reliable energy, having an uninterrupted and sustainable energy supply (electricity, heating, and cooling) has become critically important to human health and economic prosperity.

Our differentiated value

For facilities, communities and campuses that require and consume high volumes of electricity, heat or chilled water to operate efficiently, district energy is helping to free up space in buildings, saving building owners in capital expense and operations and maintenance (O&M) costs, and improving reliability and sustainability for communities and businesses.

  • Provides reliable, cost-efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions
  • Eliminates capital costs, interest payments, property taxes, insurance costs, and maintenance contracts for new in-building heating and cooling systems
  • Eliminates the need for customers to purchase, operate, and maintain chillers and cooling towers
  • Preserves space and increases revenue-generating space (removal of mechanical rooms for boilers and chillers)
  • Improves safety of operation and lower insurance rates by removing on-site fuel and chemical storage
  • Avoids equipment maintenance and lowers ongoing operating and maintenance costs
  • Minimizes labor and administrative costs
  • Transfers energy, operating, and environmental risks to Veolia
  • Potential points for LEED and ENERGY STAR certification

Our solutions for district energy networks

Our steam delivery networks can interface with any type of HVAC building system to provide low cost and reliable thermal energy and cooling. We also provide centrally-produced chilled water, pumping it into buildings and eliminating the need for customers to purchase, operate and maintain chillers and cooling towers.

District heating

Whatever the comfort requirements and capital budget, we can design a system that works efficiently with steam. While many customers use our steam directly to heat their buildings, most convert steam to hot water uses for heating their facilities. In those locations where we deliver hot water, the service can be equally versatile to meet HVAC system needs.

District cooling

We provide centrally-produced chilled water, pumping it into buildings for cooling and eliminating the need for customers to purchase, operate and maintain chillers and cooling towers. Our steam can also be used to power steam absorption chillers and steam-driven turbine chillers to provide cooling — helping minimize a building’s peak electricity demand and costs.

Domestic hot water

For customers using steam for other purposes — such as heating, humidification or air conditioning — we offer a way to maximize the building’s cost-efficiency through condensate recovery. By gathering the water that collects as a steam by-product, water is recaptured and recycled to help heat the domestic water supply — resulting in virtually free hot water for our customers.

Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.
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