Enterprise Energy Management

Enterprise Energy Management

Veolia provides energy management solutions for some of the largest businesses, cities and facility portfolios in North America and around the globe.

The challenge as we see it

Energy markets and policies have evolved, creating new opportunities for facility owners and managers to reduce costs, capture new revenue streams and improve the sustainability of operations. This advanced energy economy requires a focused approach to managing energy as both a cost center and as a resource.

Our differentiated value

Veolia helps our clients navigate the volatile and complex energy marketplace. We partner with our clients' energy, operations, and sustainability teams to align with their goals and initiatives to deliver tailored, turnkey energy management strategies.

  • Develop an optimal energy purchasing strategy
  • Reduce energy spend and manage energy price risk
  • Spend less time processing and paying utility bills
  • Accurately bill or allocate the energy consumed in your facility
  • Get real-time visibility into usage, cost and sustainability KPIs
  • Support with navigating renewable energy credits or PPAs
  • Technology and software tools built by energy professionals

Our solutions for enterprise energy management

As a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner, Veolia’s enterprise energy management solutions help our clients manage energy as a resource across their facility portfolio - whether this is producing tenant bills to recover energy costs, managing metering data to improve operations transparency, streamlining the utility bill payment process or advising on energy purchasing and market strategies.

Utility invoice management

Centralizing utility bill processing into a digital utility management platform allows large organizations with large volumes of utility invoices to improve data collection efficiency, avoid costly data errors and improve cost and energy reporting. Veolia manages over 170,000 utility invoices each year for clients through EMSYS, an internally developed enterprise utility management platform built by energy experts.

Sub-metering & tenant billing

Veolia is one of the largest providers of sub-metering and tenant billing services in North America and works with some of the largest Class A real estate portfolios. We sub-meter tenant utility consumption in real-time and deliver accurate billing, based on usage, using our internally developed rate engine.

Energy procurement & market advisory

Deregulated energy markets present an opportunity for facility owners and managers to purchase their own supply contracts for electricity and natural gas. Veolia has a dedicated energy markets desk that advises clients on optimal energy purchasing strategies in accordance with their risk profile and budget goals.

Energy management software

Veolia is partnering with energy and facility managers to deploy energy management and intelligence software solutions that deliver increased transparency and robust reporting. In addition to our own leading-edge software solutions, EMSYS and FM Power, we also support implementations and integrations for other complementary third-party energy intelligence applications.

Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.
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