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With over 70 percent of the world's population expected to live in cities by 2050, municipal governments are faced with a range of challenges – from increased urbanization, water scarcity and climate change to the funding of utility infrastructure.

Keeping public utilities safe and affordable

Local governments have a responsibility to efficiently deliver the highest quality public utilities (eg. drinking water and wastewater services) to their citizens. However, finding a qualified technical staff and balancing finances with long-term infrastructure needs has its challenges. Working together with private partners like Veolia, cities can ensure the long term operations of their infrastructure while maintaining compliance and affordability for the public.

Putting local sustainability plans into practice

Sustainability planning presents an opportunity for cities not only to reduce costs, but increase infrastructure resilience and control environmental health risks. Many cities are putting in place initiatives like improving the energy efficiency of their building stock, implementing flood controls, or encouraging safe household waste disposal. Veolia brings a consultative approach and leading technical expertise to tailor solutions around each city’s unique sustainability goals.

Enriching local communities through education

Cities have an opportunity to work with the private sector in a way that delivers more than quality professional services. In selecting local partners and incorporating community engagement initiatives into contracts, municipalities can drive progress in important areas like advanced education and workforce development. For example, through programs like Generation STEM, Veolia has produced over 53,000 hours of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics internships.

Increasing transparency through digitization

Data is revolutionizing the way all organizations operate, including local governments. Digital technologies offer the ability to track metrics like energy, water, or waste usage in real time and help municipal leaders make more informed decisions. This is certainly the case at Veolia, where we are translating our own data and analytics best practices in areas like asset management and energy intelligence to create enhanced value for our clients.

A Veolia partnership represents an investment in the communities we serve, contributing to over 186 local organizations in North America.

Our solutions for cities & municipalities

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Our cost-effective energy solutions are focused on efficiency, resiliency and sustainability.
Our waste and regeneration solutions are compliant with strict regulations, cost-effective and focused on environmental management.
We provide our customers clean, safe and resilient water and wastewater operations worldwide.

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