The aerospace industry faces a number of challenges including strict regulations, increased competition and strong growth in passenger and cargo traffic. The industry is under pressure to be proactive and innovative to remain competitive. Effective energy, waste and water management to safely run operations and maximize uptime is crucial. 

Minimizing energy consumption in production

With the necessity of green energy gaining momentum, companies who are able to market themselves as environmentally friendly and comfortable will trump those that cannot meet both standards. While aerospace engineers continue to innovate by reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution in aircrafts, plant managers and operators are focused on saving energy throughout the production process. Implementing cogeneration, high efficiency HVAC systems, LED lighting, smart metering systems and renewable energy technologies, we can ensure that aerospace companies can sustainably meet their production demands.  

Diverting waste to landfill

World air traffic increased from a few million passengers in 1950 to 3.3 billion in 2014 and is estimated to double by the year 2035. As the industry continues to grow so does the demand for aircrafts and the amount of hazardous waste created in production. We can offer companies in the aerospace sector turnkey solutions to hazardous waste disposal from safe transportation, sorting, recycling and destruction at our permitted recycling facilities diverting this harmful waste from landfills and reducing your liability.

The aviation industry is responsible for 1.5% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.

Our solutions for aerospace

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Our cost-effective energy solutions are focused on efficiency, resiliency and sustainability.
Our waste and regeneration solutions are compliant with strict regulations, cost-effective and focused on environmental management.
We provide our customers clean, safe and resilient water and wastewater operations worldwide.