General Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry remains an economic powerhouse in both existing and emerging markets. In all markets, developing sustainable manufacturing practices is linked to competitive advantage. Veolia provides value-adding sustainable solutions across water, waste and energy to help manufacturers meet environmental business goals.

Cutting greenhouse gases

Whether you are manufacturing textiles, consumer goods or technology, the process is no doubt extremely energy intensive. In 2010, the manufacturing industry produced 21% of global greenhouse gas emissions, most of which came from burning fossil fuels. Veolia strives to address this problem and cut greenhouse gas emissions at all levels of manufacturing. By using renewable and alternative energy, combined heat and power, improved thermal and electrical efficiency, and anaerobic digestion, businesses can greatly limit their emissions and environmental footprint.  

Smarter manufacturing, big savings

In order to guarantee long-term sustainable results, manufacturers must look to improve in all aspects of operations, starting with support systems. Carrying out measures to introduce metering systems, variable frequency drives, high efficiency motors on pumps, high proficiency lighting and improved HVAC in factories will allow manufacturers to increase production efficiency and save on energy per product costs.

Managing and limiting waste in all sectors

As a top producer of waste across all industries, manufacturers are responsible for the safe recycling and disposal of waste. With Veolia’s consultative approach, we work with manufacturers to cut down on waste while maintaining a steady production flow. We also offer our waste disposal services, taking responsibility for disposing and recycling of hazardous and electronic waste properly in one of our permitted recycling facilities.


Every year, manufacturing facilities use an average of 95.1 kilowatt-hours of electricity and 536,500 BTU of natural gas per square foot.

Our solutions for general manufacturing

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Our cost-effective energy solutions are focused on efficiency, resiliency and sustainability.
Our waste and regeneration solutions are compliant with strict regulations, cost-effective and focused on environmental management.
We provide our customers clean, safe and resilient water and wastewater operations worldwide.