Hazardous Waste Stabilization and Landfill Services

Our customized hazardous waste stabilization and landfill services provide a safe, effective process for your organization’s specific needs.

The challenge as we see it

When your hazardous waste disposal needs call for permanent, safe and efficient solutions, you may need stabilization and land disposal technologies that meet today's industry standards. The right solution will help protect the environment and shield your company from the long-term liability headaches of hazardous waste.

Our differentiated value

We offer customizable hazardous waste stabilization and landfill services through our network of third-party facilities, which are regularly audited to ensure they can provide long-term containment of hazardous and treated non-hazardous wastes. We also operate our own permitted facility in Wisconsin for the stabilization of metal-coded hazardous waste solids and solidification of non-hazardous liquids and solids.

Our hazardous waste stabilization and landfill services include:

  • De-characterization through stabilization of certain D-coded metal-bearing waste
  • Stabilization of other coded hazardous waste 
  • Micro- and macro-encapsulation treatment of hazardous waste debris 
  • Waste profiling, laboratory analysis and recipe development
  • Landfill disposal

Our solutions for hazardous waste stabilization and landfill services

We’ll customize stabilization or solidification pre-treatment to your specific hazardous waste, preventing the possibility of migration or leaching in the future. Our full-service lab facilities, usually on-site, provide you with profiles, analysis and recipe development services in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

We employ a safe and proven method of stabilization, which includes the following steps:

  • Hazardous waste requiring stabilization is treated by a chemical process where approved reagents are added in predetermined ratios to pass the TCLP.
  • All stabilized residuals are tested to ensure treatment to specified levels.
  • De-characterized treatment residuals are disposed of at nearby Veolia-audited facilities. 
  • Subtitle D landfill ensures the de-characterized residuals are not commingled with hazardous wastes, which reduces your company’s risk of future environmental action.
  • Stabilized wastes that are not de-characterized are sent to approved Subtitle C facilities.

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