The automotive industry is one of the most competitive industries around the world. Manufacturing processes are often labor intensive and inflexible, involving high energy and water consumption, a heavy reliance on compressed air and the generation of high volumes of waste.

Conserving resources for a better tomorrow

Manufacturing cars and automobiles is a very resource intensive process. With growing resource depletion and droughts, generating a more energy efficient product that does not skimp on comfort is a top priority for many automotive manufacturers and their customers. Innovating ways to work with recycled water, secondary raw materials and incorporating renewable energy into the production of automotives allows companies to guarantee continuous production while operating more sustainably.

Recycling and recovery of raw materials for vehicle production

Approximately 12 million vehicles reach the end of their useful lives every year in North America. As relying on a stable supply of raw materials becomes increasingly more difficult, more and more automotive manufacturers are turning to these end-of-life vehicles for recycled materials. We have the ability to recycle as much as 97% of an end-of-life vehicle, as well as recover metal, glass, plastic and various textiles. By using recycled materials in their manufacturing processes, automotive companies stand to save on the cost of materials and gain in sales revenue through branding a more eco-friendly product.

Making utility operations more efficient

Automotive manufacturers can save on energy usage and costs in all sectors of business. Implementing more sustainable support services such as high efficiency lighting systems, combined heat and power, and high functioning HVAC allows the company to monitor, control, and save on necessary utility operations and refocus on big picture production processes.

It is estimated that it takes over 39,000 gallons of water to make a single car. (source: Waterworld)

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