Water and Energy Solutions for Government

Limited funding, changing regulatory requirements and aging infrastructure challenge government agencies, institutions and communities alike. Veolia’s wide range of services can help ensure performance, reliability and efficiency, while meeting the demands of today’s fiscal environment.
Through operations experience at more than 8,500 water and wastewater systems and more than 76,000 energy systems worldwide, Veolia is uniquely qualified to understand the complex intersection of water and energy resource management for government and defense applications.


  • Facility operations and management(O&M)
  • District energy and cogeneration
  • Distributed Generation and Microgrids
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Metering and Submetering
  • Energy management and advisory
  • ESCO services


Veolia supplies 2.4 million households with heating, manages 76,000 energy installations and operates more than 450 heating and cooling networks worldwide. Our scalable solutions optimize energy efficiency, performance and reliability, while reducing energy consumption and operating costs.  Veolia provides individualized solutions to meet the specific needs of the diverse customers and industries we serve.


We serve people in approximately 550 North American communities and provide industrial water solutions at approximately 100 industrial facilities. All together, we treat more than 2.2 billion gallons of water and wastewater daily.  The heart of effective operations is best-in-class services derived from extensive knowledge as a peer utility manager. 

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San Ysidro, Calif.
Long-term public-private partnership ensures safe and cost-effective operation of unique wastewater treatment plant to address sources of groundwater contamination in Southern California.

Fort Knox, Ky.
Meeting U.S. Army regulations to support the active U.S. Military base Fort Knox. 

Elwha River, Wash. 
Veolia North America provides O&M support to meet water-quality objectives for $65 million water treatment facilities along the Elwha River.  

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