Utility Metering and Submetering

Create transparency, allocate and recover utility costs

Understanding how effective utility metering and submetering systems benefit commercial buildings, laboratories, transit authorities, distribution facilities and other real estate properties.

Measuring utility data and creating transparency into usage and costs is an important area of focus for large users of energy, water and other utilities. Commercial, retail, residential, industrial, municipal or government facility owners and managers can implement smart utility metering and submetering systems to ensure their facility is efficient and optimized, and precisely allocate usage and cost to individual tenants, assets or other cost centers.


Smart metering solutions

More advanced utility meters and submeters can deliver power quality metering data in real time, improving the ability to perform predictive maintenance on equipment when combined with analytics. It is important to identify up front what the measurement objective is and consider how the data will be used to ensure the right meter for the job is specified.

Veolia’s energy management and metering teams have extensive expertise designing, implementing, commissioning and integrating advanced sub-metering platforms with specific emphasis on systems that ensure high levels of accuracy and allow for flexibility, expandability and optimal connectivity.


Client Case Studies

A leading biotech company in Cambridge, MA
Our comprehensive metering and maintenance plan provides accurate insights into utility usage for major biotech firm. [View the case study]

A major port authority in the Northeast
Learn how Veolia was able to design and architect the utility network into an automated, real-time remote metering system of approximately 1,700 energy and water meters. [View the case study]


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Faster cost recovery, improved cash flow, and reliable bills

If you have a number of tenants spread across multiple buildings and locations, such as real estate management firms or government institutions, a thoughtful metering system design can improve your free cash flow by allowing you to quickly account for energy usage. Our customers have seen their utility payback periods reduced from 90 days to just 30 days in some cases. You can be confident that sub-meter tenant billing is accurate, defensible, and backed by the authority of an expert.


Identifying uncontrolled costs

Understanding energy usage at a more granular level is key to accurately assigning costs across your assets. Submetering, often used in conjunction with energy management software or revenue recovery studies, allows segregation of data on the basis of consumption in order to report effectively, understand where utilities are being used, and identify sources of uncontrolled consumption.


Regulatory compliance and sustainability

Not only can you understand which assets are using the most energy, you can also identify what times of day energy is being used, predict your usage trends, and use those insights to improve your operations. This is especially important for facilities like laboratories with concentrated energy usage. With time-of-use data, you can manage demand in real-time to reduce peak load and ensure you’re complying with local, state and federal regulations. It also provides insights to move toward a more sustainable and cost-effective operation. This is particularly important for those complying with increasingly strict regulations like Local Law 97 in New York City and BERDO in Boston.


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