Smart Building Solutions

Understanding how smart building solutions benefit facilities of all types, from heavy and light industrial to commercial and residential real estate, universities, malls and more.

Apply smart building technologies to optimize energy performance, comfort and efficiency

Smart building solutions for facility energy usage that help solve challenges in energy cost recovery, energy efficiency, asset maintenance and building optimization.


Whether you manage commercial, retail, residential, industrial, university, municipal or government facilities, understanding your energy usage is a vital component to your operations and tenants. The more visibility you can have into what your building’s utilities are doing, the better decisions you can make.

Building owners, management firms and those who are responsible for overseeing facilities often face challenges in containing costs related to energy usage and asset maintenance. You might know you’re losing money in utility costs, but what do you look to improve first if you don’t know where your issues lie?

Smart buildings can show you real-time data on how much energy you’re using, where it is being used, and indications of whether and how you could suffer a system failure. Not only does this real-time access to data enable you to prioritize energy efficiency efforts to reduce consumption and costs, it could also prove crucial to avoiding even more costly operational downtime and asset repairs.



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Client Case Studies

King’s Plaza Mall, Brooklyn
Increased utility performance, reduced downtime, ongoing operational cost savings, and numerous capital renewal projects saving millions of dollars for the customer.  [View case study]

Major California Judicial System
More about the 124 new courtroom projects representing more than $1.2 billion in construction that aim to achieve a LEED Silver or better.  [View case study]



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Leveraging effective smart building solutions to improve operations


Identifying uncontrolled costs

Understanding energy usage at a more granular level is key to accurately assigning costs across your assets. Smart buildings make use of energy management software to allow segregation of data on the basis of consumption in order to report effectively, understand where utilities are being used, and identify sources of uncontrolled consumption. Pair that with expert analysis, and you have true, actionable insights.


Optimize asset management

Not only can you understand which assets are using the most energy, you can also identify what times of day energy is being used, predict your usage trends, and use those insights to improve your operations. With time-of-use data, you can manage demand in real-time to reduce peak load and ensure you’re complying with local, state and federal regulations. It also provides insights to move toward a more sustainable and cost-effective operation.


Enable energy efficiency

With a strong handle on your facilities’ utility data and identified areas for energy optimization, you are much better positioned to initiate energy efficiency improvements.



Making the most of an expert partner


Design and implementation

We begin with your objectives and aspirations and help you define the requirement of a smart building that’s right for you. We can provide technical project management, installation, programming, commissioning and even operator training.


User-friendly data dashboards paired with expert guidance

Whether you’re stuck with outdated controls or an array of systems across your buildings, our Hubgrade platform integrates all of your building data into digestible dashboards that let you make increasingly smart decisions to optimize your building’s performance. Our team of analysts work together with you to understand and develop KPIs, alarming and reports, which are used for active, real-time energy management and fault detection and diagnostics (FDD). This creates alignment with building operations and management staff and ensures that the data collected is transformed into actionable information.


Maintenance, support and remote management

We can handle service calls, troubleshooting, upgrades, and user training so that your system is always providing value. If you have a portfolio of facilities with networked building systems, we can support these platforms and your facility management teams who depend on them.



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