TECTA™, Automated Rapid Microbial Detection

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ENDETEC™ patented technology can provide you with an early warning of E. coli and Coliform contamination

Features & Benefits

  • ​Faster E. coli and Coliform results.  Results available in 2-18 hours depending on the level of contamination.
  • ​Fully automated on-site microbiology testing.
  • Continuous sample monitoring coupled with automated sample interpretation.
  • Networking capabilities allow for immediate notification and early warning of positive sample results as soon as they occur.
  • Single cell sensitivity for both E. coli and Coliform.
TECTA™ B16 Product Range Brochure
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Solutions for Automated Microbiology

General Description 

The TECTA™ B16 is capable of transmitting this microbiological data through a network connection so you can be notified immediately on your cell phone or laptop as soon as a contamination event is detected.

Our automated microbiological platform is simple and flexible, allowing you to run samples at any time of the day without the need for a microbiologist.

Fully automated, accurate, sensitive, and reliable E. coli and Coliform results 

We understand how critical it is to receive microbiology results as quickly as possible. ENDETEC™ patented PolymerPartition technology provides accurate, on-site microbiology testing without the need for a microbiologist or 3rd party testing laboratory

TECTA system receives US EPA approval

The TECTA automated microbiology system was recently approved by the US EPA for drinking water regulatory compliance monitoring.

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