Metals & Large Components


Veolia's Alaron Nuclear Services (Veolia) facility's 125- and 60-ton cranes, oversized bay doors and the rail spur at our processing facility allow for easy transportation and delivery of your large components directly into our controlled processing areas.

Veolia has processed large components ranging from turbine rotors and fuel racks, to heat exchangers and moisture separator reheaters. Veolia can volume-reduce the components for disposal or process these components for recycling.

If processed component's radiological designations can be removed, Veolia will release the component for unrestricted use, greatly reducing disposal liability.


Veolia has extensive experience in radioactive metal processing and has the ability to process contaminated metals in the following categories.

Major Component Decontamination
Veolia utilizes a variety of decontamination  methods, including mechanical, chemical, automated and manual techniques. These various techniques are used on components such as:
  • Turbine rotors and associated components
  • Large tanks, either stainless steel or carbon steel
  • Structural steel including I-beams, H-beams, channel, angle and plate steel
  • Lead encased stainless steel casks.
High-Dose Component Decontamination
Veolia performs decontamination of high-dose stainless steel and various lead components for the purpose of dose reduction for lower disposal costs, or decontamination to radioactive levels acceptable for unrestricted release. Some of the specific materials processed by Veolia include:
  • Lead shielding materials including sheet, block, brick and blankets
  • Components characterized by the potential for radiation doses exceeding 100mr/hr such as shroud-head bolts, control rod drives and heat exchangers.
Decontamination of metals with significant scrap value 
Veolia has been successful in processing for recycle certain scrap metals that hold a significant resale value.
  • Some of these metals include copper (wiring, tubing, bars, etc.), brass, aluminum and titanium.
  • Contaminated scrap metal volume reduction - Veolia provides this service only when none of the options mentioned above are compatible with the scrap metal in question. Veolia offers this service on a limited basis, and only upon request from our customers.
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