Licensed Facility Access

Licensed Facility Access

Veolia's Alaron Nuclear Services (Veolia) provides contaminated equipment storage and facility leasing to customers for services and operations that are required to be conducted under a Radioactive Materials License. Veolia provides “hot shop” access, its radiologic controls programs and a physical work location to the customer. Working under Veolia’s license and procedures, the customer is able to engage in nuclear services such as contaminated pump and motor maintenance and contaminated equipment refurbishment. For those customers wishing to use their own employees to perform the work, Veolia provides the necessary classroom and on-the-job training to enable special-skill personnel to perform their jobs in a radiologically-controlled environment. Veolia's license is available to our customers who require laboratory space, equipment and trained operational or health and safety personnel for the purpose of conducting laboratory “proof of process” testing of new products or processes on actual contaminated material.

Veolia currently provides a fully equipped decontamination facility and equipped hot machine shop to companies who repair and refurbish:

  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Valves
  • Actuators

Veolia also provides storage, decontamination and testing services for companies who own contaminated equipment but do not have a licensed facility. Examples are:

  • Casks
  • Fuel pool equipment
  • Wet waste processing
  • Transportation containers
  • Test equipment

With over 150,000 square feet of indoor space, a 60-ton and 125-ton overhead crane, high bay areas and a wide variety of decontamination techniques, Veola is equipped to handle simple and complex jobs involving contaminated equipment.

Under Veolia's Licensed Facility Access Program, your company may perform work under Veolia's PA DEP License at Veolia's Alaron facility.  PA is an agreement state with the NRC.

For companies wishing to expand their business lines to handle contaminated equipment, Veolia can offer an attractive and very flexible lease and support contract that virtually eliminates future nuclear liabilities and initial investments. Existing space can be used or Veolia can build to suit on its 25 acre site. 

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