Essential Services for Supporting Shale Development Operations

Veolia provides a comprehensive portfolio of environmental and industrial services for companies operating in the Marcellus, Eagle Ford, Permian, Barnett and Woodford shale regions. Our dedicated teams work to enhance all aspects of our customers’ shale development operations, from site drilling support services to waste processing and material remediation.

We bring a wide collection of mobile production assets to your site, providing:
  • Bioremediation (Eagle Ford region)
  • Dewatering of drilling fluids
  • Drill rig washing - mud tank cleaning
  • Emergency spill response
  • Frac tank cleaning and rentals
  • Field remediation services - reserve pit closures
  • Management of solid and liquid Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material (NORM) wastes
  • Manpower and roustabout services to ensure your operations experience minimal downtime and remain environmentally compliant
  • On-site solidification and transportation of drilling mud and drill cuttings
  • On-site vacuum truck services
  • Roll-off container rental and transportation
  • Transportation and disposal of all drilling wastes


When it comes to the management of drilling cuttings, Veolia can offer operators a variety of solutions for the transport, treatment and disposal of this waste material, including off-site disposal, on-site bioremediation and separations and dewatering services. For many operators in the Eagle Ford region, on-site bioremediation can be used to safely treat drilling cuttings. This process can save operators thousands of dollars in hauling costs, while also creating a de-regulated material that can remain on site, with the landowner’s permission. When bioremediation is employed, microbes and organic matter are used in combination with an excavator to naturally process and detoxify the cuttings. There is no minimum or maximum quantity of drilling residuals required to utilize this treatment process. The detoxification process occurs fairly quickly, with 600 cubic yards of cuttings typically requiring only one week to fall with safe levels of remediation, depending on environmental factors.
Vacuum Truck for Push
Click below to learn more about Veolia's vacuum truck services.


Another way Veolia works to maximize efficiency for shale operators is in our service delivery model for vacuum truck services in shale regions. Rather than employing several individual vacuum trucks to transport waste materials from a drilling site, Veolia provides sites with large vacuum boxes that can be filled and hauled together, reducing the number of trucks and logistics required to support an operation. The vacuum boxes are placed on site during operations, minimizing capacity delays and the safety hazards associated with operators spending extended time driving. This approach also minimizes the environmental impact of a drilling operation by consolidating waste, reducing hauls and the associated emissions and fuel, and providing a more cost effective cleaning solution to wash out the vacuum boxes, compared to cleaning numerous vacuum truck tanks.


We can also help your operation to ensure environmental sustainability works in tandem with your operations’ productivity standards and bottom line. One such solution is our water recycling services for treating frac water, restoring its composition so that it can be reused several times or sold to be repurposed. The costs associated with recycling frac water can be significantly less than hauling it to a third-party disposal well. Our goal is to minimize operational costs by maximizing water reuse, minimizing water and wastes disposal, and optimizing water sourcing balance. Based on the field development stage and water characteristics, we will provide the most economical solution from either mobile or centralized treatment facilities. These solutions also substantially reduce logistical complexity, liability and long-term costs, benefiting both the drilling company and the landowner. Veolia can also use this technology to remediate existing reserve pits to mitigate site contamination and operator liability.


As a single source provider, Veolia excels by offering companies a broad collection of services that minimize redundancies and logistical complexities of managing numerous contractors. Regardless of your operations size, Veolia will work with you to simplify your workflow to minimize project delays and overhead costs. Our industrial services team has hundreds of years of combined experience in providing the safest and most innovative solutions on the market, custom tailored for your requirements.

Plus, as a proud member of the OSHA VPP, Veolia makes safety performance a top priority for our employees, and we extend this commitment to our customers’ operations. We understand that when our team members remain safe and out of harm’s way, so do your employees and your facilities.  

Interested in how Veolia can support your shale development operation? Request information from our Shale Development team today.

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South Shale Development: Eagle Ford, Permian, Barnett and Woodford
Randy Williams
North Shale Development: Marcellus and Utica

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