New drum dispersion unit improves production of West Carrollton’s solvent recovery facility

New drum dispersion image 3
Starting in late 2013, the drum dispersion unit project set out to repair several major mechanical elements, improve our production throughput and ensure compliance to our EH&S standards. A $1.5-million capital investment included installation of an enhanced VOC control system, working platforms, hydraulics, an equipment hoist monorail system and internal mechanicals for improved container movement. Throughout the project, the team focused on ensuring that “doing it right and safely” was their top priority.  The unit is now fully operational and available to serve customers with drums of sludges and semi-solids.

Our facility’s capabilities include fuel blending, solvent recovery and nonhazardous waste consolidation. Besides bulk industrial solvents, the plant also processes household hazardous waste and lab pack waste. Toll recycling is also offered, which allows a generator to ship its spent solvent to our facility to be purified to their specifications and returned for reuse. Many solvents are reclaimed to 99.5 percent purity.
The facility repurposes and reclaims 8,000,000 gallons per year of oils, paints, solvents and other hazardous materials and converts them into material that can be reused. Over 70 percent of these wastes come from Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and western Pennsylvania.


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