Veolia Baltimore Team Helps Battle Blizzard

Following massive snowfall throughout the Mid-Atlantic region In January 2016, Baltimore was faced with finding somewhere to put all of the snow. 


First used in the blizzard of 2010, Veolia’s Baltimore district energy team and the city developed a snow melter, dubbed "Snowtorious," to facilitate snow removal.  Using a 40-cubic yard dumpster and steam piping to deliver 350-degree steam, "Snowtorious” is running up to six hours every day to melt nearly 15 tons an hour of snow.  "Snowtorious” is making it much easier for the city to manage this unprecedented accumulation of snow. 

Read more about "Snowtorious" at "Crews piling truckloads of snow at MT Bank Stadium" (CBS Baltimore, Jan. 26, 2015) and “Work for some, play for others as Baltimore digs out from snow” (The Baltimore Sun, Jan. 26, 2015).

Watch the video of Veolia Baltimore's VP of Operations Mathew Ware explaining the benefits of "Snowtorious.”  "We're melting it as fast as they can feed it," says Mathew (The Baltimore Sun, Jan. 26, 2015).