Trigen Acquires Community Energy System in Atlanta

03/7/07  • Energy
Trigen Atlantic Station currently serves eight customers at Atlantic Station, including an office building, hotel, residential units, retail shopping mall, movie theater complex and grocery store. Over the next 15 years Trigen Atlantic Station will expand the central chilled water system as additional buildings are constructed at Atlantic Station, which ultimately is expected to grow to include 14 million square feet of conditioned space.

"The acquisition of the Atlantic Station Community Energy System underscores Trigen's continued interest in working with real estate developers as they expand to new markets in response to demographic changes that are taking place across America," said Lance Ahearn, Chief Executive Officer of The Trigen Companies.

"It is clear that mixed-use developments such as Atlantic Station are a growing trend, and Trigen welcomes the opportunity to assist developers by providing financing and operating expertise for essential energy infrastructure so that they can concentrate on their core business.

"The Atlantic Station Community Energy System acquisition establishes a strong presence in the Southeast for Trigen and is consistent with our plan to expand Trigen's national footprint,"

Based in Boston, TNAI is the largest owner and operator of Community Energy Systems in the United States, operating in 11 cities through its Trigen Company subsidiaries. "The Trigen Companies" include Trigen-Atlanta Energy Corporation, Grays Ferry Cogeneration Partnership; Trenton Energy Corporation; Trigen-Baltimore Energy Corporation; Trigen-Boston Energy Corporation; Trigen Building Services Corporation; Trigen-Glendale Energy Company, LLC; Trigen-Kansas City Energy Corporation; Trigen-LA Energy Corporation; Trigen-Las Vegas Energy Company, LLC; Trigen-Missouri Energy Corporation; Trigen-Oklahoma City Energy Corporation; Trigen-Philadelphia Energy Corporation; Trigen-St. Louis Energy Corporation; and Trigen-Tulsa Energy Corporation.

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