Veolia and Covanta team up to help consumers and businesses recycle universal waste

New partnership and easy-to-use website enables Covanta customers to use Veolia’s award-winning RecyclePak® to recycle lamps, batteries and other products containing mercury

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Covanta and Veolia have partnered to make Veolia’s RecyclePak® program available to businesses, consumers and cities to assist their ability to recycle universal wastes such as lamps, ballasts, batteries and other products that contain hazardous substances, in a convenient and environmentally-responsible manner.  Universal waste is material designated as hazardous waste but containing materials that are very common.

“Environmental sustainability and mitigating harmful risks to our planet are exactly what Covanta’s Clean World Initiative is all about. By providing convenient and effective recycling services such as RecyclePak® to our customers, we are fulfilling our mission towards sustainable materials management,” said John Moffitt, Director of Technical Services, Covanta Environmental Solutions.

While the majority of a mercury-containing lamp can be recycled, according to the Association of Lighting and Mercury Recyclers, only 24 percent of the approximately 600 million mercury-containing lamps that are discarded each year are properly recycled in accordance with applicable state and federal regulations. By separating products into their components and reusing the components and by-products, businesses and consumers are reducing waste, diverting waste from landfills, saving energy and conserving resources.

The RecyclePak® program ensures complete compliance while making recycling easy for consumers and businesses. Covanta’s customers can simply purchase a container from, place their universal waste into it and then ship it to one of Veolia’s recycling centers using a prepaid shipping label.

“The ability to process and reclaim material instead of sending it to a landfill is a primary goal of our company. Being a leader in developing small quantity waste recycling and disposal services, we look forward to working with Covanta to provide a cost-effective and sustainable lamp, ballast, battery and mercury recycling program for the communities and businesses they serve,” said Kevin Shaver, general manager for Veolia North America’s Industrial Business electronic recycling group.  “Our relationship with Covanta furthers both companies’ global commitments to sustainable development and to protecting health and the environment.”

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