“Manage Big Utility Data for Your Tenants with SourceOne and EMsys”


By Chris Barros and Jim Panico of SourceOne

Effective energy management through data management is becoming more and more important as cities and building owners strive for better control over reliability, energy efficiency, usage and economics of energy resources. Experts from SourceOne, Veolia’s energy consulting business, will discuss the importance of energy information systems and software for smart energy infrastructure management.
EMsys, a proprietary energy management software solution developed by SourceOne, harnesses the system-wide energy data ensuring enterprise-level budgeting, asset management of various energy sources, utility bill validation, tenant or department revenue recovery invoicing, and the optimization of system performance through detailed review of incremental meter readings. 
Learn how this energy information management system has been applied to optimize energy system performance and ensure reliability:

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Chris Barros Vice President and GM Energy Management, SourceOne

Chris Barros
Vice President and GM Energy Management, SourceOne

Jim Panico
Director of IT, SourceOne