Richmond, CA

1125 Hensley Street

Richmond, CA 94801

United States

ph. 800.243.2382

About this location:

Richmond, CA is a VPP Site! Read more about Veolia VPP Sites

The Veolia North America (VNA) Richmond, California facility is located on 1-acre of property within the City of Richmond and operates as a storage and transfer facility for hazardous wastes. VNA-Richmond has been permitted to accept all RCRA and state hazardous wastes (excluding PCBs, dioxins, explosives, and water reactives).
The operations conducted on this site consist of the receipt, storage, and transportation of containerized hazardous wastes. The maximum permitted storage capacity of the facility is 546 fifty-five gallon drums or equivalent. Facility personnel conduct daily inspections of all containers.
US EPA ID: CAT080014079

Service categories:

Regulated Waste & Resource Recovery

Site contact:

Greg Giandomenico, Sales Manager

ph. 626.536.9561