Williamson, West Virginia

The challenge

Public-private partnership improves overall public works services. Needing to cut public works costs yet improve system functionality, the city turned to Veolia North America under a comprehensive operate/maintain/manage (O&M) contract.

The project challenges are:

  • The company has overall responsibility for water facilities (4.2-MGD surface water treatment plant, five pump stations, two booster stations, 75-mile distribution system and seven water storage tanks), wastewater facilities (1.038-MGD activated sludge treatment plant, 13 lift stations and 23-mile collection system), public works, fleet maintenance, solid waste collection, water meter reading and replacement and land application of biosolids.

Veolia’s solution

Innovative solutions:

  • Remove one treatment unit from service and process flow through remaining unit.

  • Install VFD on main lift station to control spikes in flow.

  • Replace check and gate valves on main influent lift station and install three new 20-horsepower pumps.

  • Work with utility clerk and computer vendor to install new utility bill paying system in just three days.

  • Provide comprehensive management and operations services to utility and public works departments and to customers in Williamson and Kentucky.

  • Provide 24/7 customer service to ensure that emergency repairs are made promptly.

  • Implement focused O&M approaches and process control programs.


Surpassed goals:

  • Achieved major cost savings at wastewater treatment plant through equipment replacement, improved process controls and automated monitoring.

  • Provided new mowing equipment, computerized billing system, plant laboratory equipment, safety equipment and electrical controls for pumps.

  • Provided installation labor as a matching grant as part of downtown development grant for new sidewalks, new lights and park furniture.