Veolia provides steel manufacturer with total waste management solution


Total Waste Management for Steel Manufacturer

The challenge

An industrial steel manufacturer was looking for a solution to replace five large waste bins that were being used to store industrial waste before being transported by a contractor for off-site disposal.
Unfortunately, this contractor closed its nearby waste processing location, and became unable to handle the project. The customer had these bins emptied and enlisted a different contractor to vacuum out the hoppers as they had no other solution to remove the waste.
Veolia was challenged to provide this customer a streamlined total waste management solution, including educating the customer's employees on environmental safety and waste management best practices to minimize the cost of managing and disposing of the waste and improving site safety.

The project challenges are:

  • It was commonplace for employees to dump containers of oil into the waste bins.

  • This practice caused the plant's solid waste to become hazardous sludge, which meant that it had to be manifested.

  • Vacuum trucks also had to be arranged to empty the bins, and transportation and disposal costs were exceptionally high. 

Veolia’s solution

$35K saved per year 

0 accidents or injuries

 8/15 – ongoing duration of project

Innovative client-inclusive solutions:

  • Veolia worked with the customer to redesign the containment bins that went under the waste collecting hoppers.

  • These bins were modified by another contractor to fit under the hoppers and when they became full they could be moved outdoors while remaining sealed to prevent rainwater contamination.

  • The solid waste remained dry, which meant that it could be transported and disposed of as non-hazardous waste. Any liquids in the bins could be removed by plant personnel into totes.

  • This new system reduced transportation and disposal costs since the waste in the bins was no longer considered hazardous and did not need to be manifested. The bins were moved on a weekly schedule.

Client targets:

  • A cost-effective solution

  • Streamlined operations

The benefits for our client

Surpassed goals:

  • Veolia was able to reduce the cost of waste by $35,000 per year for the customer by properly segregating it for disposal. In the past, waste was manifested, expensive to transport and dispose of, and difficult to physically manage on site.

  • Veolia helped educate employees on the best practices for managing the plant's waste stream, minimizing spills and double handling of waste. Incorporating new bins gave the customer additional storage space that the customer was able to enclose to store their products.

  • Total waste management was achieved.

Guaranteed support:

  • By serving as an integrated service provider of industrial cleaning and waste management services, the customer gained a streamlined environmental management system. The customer's ongoing partnership with Veolia has helped them continue to develop and implement environmental best practices for their employees and overall operations.