Gloucester, Mass.

Gloucester, Mass

Veolia has partnered with the City of Gloucester to improve drinking water quality and water infrastructure since 2009. Under this seven-year $24-million operations, maintenance and management (O&M) contract, Veolia operates the City’s wastewater and water treatment facilities, including a 5.15 million gallons per day (MGD) primary wastewater treatment plant, two 5-MGD water filtration plants, a seasonal satellite water filtration plant, residuals management for both the water and wastewater treatment facilities, Industrial Pretreatment Program management, Fats Oil and Grease program management, three water storage tanks with one booster pump station and two raw water transfer stations.


The City of Gloucester’s George Reilly Water Pollution Control Facility is a primary wastewater plant accepting up to 35,000 gallons of sewage per day from the City of Rockport and 225,000 gallons of sewage flow per day from the City of Essex. With a permitted capacity of 5.15-MGD, the plant can treat peak flows of 15-MGD. The City is also involved in CSO abatement efforts that are reducing peak flows.  The City’s five surface water reservoirs are divided into two independent systems: the East Reservoir system (Babson and Goose Cove) and the West Reservoir system (Dykes, Wallace and Haskell). Each system feeds one of the City’s two 5-MGD filtration plants and operation of the systems and associated plants is alternated to optimize the water supply.  In order for Gloucester to continue providing adequate, reliable, and compliant drinking water for the next twenty years, it was required to make improvements to its public water system.


In 2009, Veolia entered into a partnership to provide O&M of the City’s potable water and wastewater systems under a five-year contract.  As a result of Veolia’s exceptional performance, the contract was subsequently extended for two additional years.  Since beginning this partnership with Gloucester, Veolia has supported the city in advancing $35 million in infrastructure improvements.  As the City’s O&M operator, Veolia has supported Gloucester’s recent improvements to its water treatment facilities and infrastructure by providing operational input into the design process and coordinating operations during the construction phase of the upgrades.


  • Completed in phases, the upgrades have vastly improved Gloucester’s public drinking water system and include: Water treatment plants, including items such as filtration, chemical feed systems, electrical, SCADA systems and satellite operation systems; Pumping stations; Water storage facilities; Reconstruction to a critical water supply dam; Key water main reconstruction projects. 
  • The finished water is in compliance with all Federal and State regulations and is eligible for reduced monitoring under the Lead and Copper Rule.  
  • In 2015, the City of Gloucester received a ‘Recognition Award’ from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection at the annual Public Water Systems Awards for the completion of its recent water system infrastructure upgrades.
  • In addition to the critical treatment process upgrades, the City of Gloucester is also benefiting from Veolia’s stringent operations and maintenance programs, including asset maintenance scheduling with Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and the development of Standard Operating Procedures for upgraded equipment and new processes.
  • With proper system maintenance, planned smaller scale system improvements, a distribution system pipeline upgrade program, emergency preparations, and guidance from its updated Public Water System Master Plan, Gloucester has a solid road map to its water future.



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