Developing and implementing environmental solutions.

For more than 170 years, Veolia has been by the side of cities, industries and communities to help them manage, recycle and protect their critical resources in the face of environmental challenges.

Minimizing climate impact

From resource efficiency to creating alternatives to fossil fuels, we help cities, utilities and industries reduce their energy consumption, input costs, account greenhouse gas emissions, and report and verify progress.

Decarbonization Energy Efficiency Solvent Recycling Microgrids Engineered Fuels Smart Building Solutions


From decontaminating water to handling toxic and radioactive waste, we help cities, communities and industries reach the highest safety and environmental standards while protecting their natural surroundings.

PFAS Lead & Copper Wastewater Treatment Incineration Services Oily Residuals Hazardous Waste Treatment


From recycling electric vehicle batteries to reusing wastewater, we help cities and industries recover byproducts for efficient reuse which reduces demand on natural resources.

Water Reuse Waste to Energy Fuel Blending Battery Recycling Utility Metering Engineered Fuels Veolia Ecofactory



Transforming municipal wastewater treatment into a modern and profitable hub of sustainability, circularity, green jobs, education and climate resilience.

Two Veolia Ecofactory employees walk through wastewater treatment facility at sunset

Committed to Progress

Decarbonization for Cities, Industries and Buildings