Veolia and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Hub

Veolia remains committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to leverage our diverse experience in emergency response, decontamination,  medical waste, and other services to support customers around the world through this challenging time. Please contact us if you have questions about how we can help your organization.

Recent Updates and Resources

13 MAY 2020
President and CEO Brian Clarke on LinkedIn: How Crises Reveal An Organization's True Character

14 APRIL 2020
SiriusXM's POTUS channel interviews Veolia North America's CEO Brian Clarke

9 APRIL 2020
COVID-19 Public Health updates and information by state

6 APRIL 2020
Veolia Goes National With Effort to "Keep Wipes Out Of Pipes"

UPDATE: A Message from Environmental Solutions & Services

January 28, 2021
Thank you for your confidence and trust you placed in us to manage your environmental needs through the many challenges that faced all of us in 2020...

Business Continuity for Industrial Customers

Predicting the impact COVID-19 might have on a business is nearly impossible, so we are taking proactive measures to protect our customers, our workforce and supply chain.

Adding Coronavirus Protocols to Your Safety Procedures 

While Veolia North America always stresses safety, staying on top of ever-changing COVID-19 safety procedures while continuing to reinforce your day-to-day safety processes is essential right now.

Remote Operations Support for Industrial Water and Wastewater

Covid-19 brought new challenges to your operations, we're here to help. Our new remote monitoring offer leverages operational expertise to provide tangible support, ensuring safe optimization of resources for your facility.

CUSTOMER UPDATE: Sulfuric Acid Regeneration Services

In the face of this pandemic, we have taken extensive measures to mitigate potential business interruptions and maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

Industrial Water and Wastewater Support

All over the world our staff is on the ground performing critical services and supporting customers as they navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Veolia and COVID-19 Response

As part of our nationwide environmental solutions and service, Veolia is prepared to discuss coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency response needs with our customers and suppliers.

24/7 Emergency Response

We have bolstered our national emergency response program's administrative teams to be available to provide resources in support of our customers' needs.

Decontamination Services for COVID-19

To ensure uniformity of decontamination and the proper application of disinfectants to combat COVID-19-contaminated surfaces, Veolia has developed a formal task-specific standard operating procedure.

Medical Waste Disposal for Coronavirus

Every day Veolia provides safe and regulatory compliant transportation and destruction of both hazardous and infectious waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have questions ranging from the impact on our operations to effective decontamination services and we are committed to transparency.

Important information for VNA Suppliers regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 Communication to Veolia Suppliers (51.95 KB)