UPDATE: Important Message from Environmental Solutions & Services

January 28. 2021

Dear customers and partners,

On behalf of Veolia I’d like to wish you a belated Happy New Year. Thank you for your confidence and trust you placed in us to manage your environmental needs through the many challenges that faced all of us in 2020. We look forward to working with you in 2021, and our team stands committed to providing extraordinary service and meeting your service needs.

I still start my company wide bimonthly calls with a COVID safety moment and caseload information.  To end the message, I was excited to report that several of our employees who work on site at vaccine production facilities have received the vaccine.  As vaccines become available to the public, we are recommending our employees get vaccinated.  For those that are unsure and want to learn more about the vaccines, please find vaccination guidance on your state’s website and vaccine facts on the CDC’s website.

We continue to keep our employees up to date with a variety of job-specific and general training.  In fact we delivered over 43,000 training courses to our 1,900 employees last year.  Trained employees are safer, more aware of environmental regulations applicable to their job and aligned with Veolia-specific core values.

As 2021 kicks off, we continue to roll out a multi-year update of our financial systems that will improve invoice accuracy and turnaround from transaction date.  We’re also continuing to improve and invest in our diversity and inclusion program.  Our third initiative is full integration of our Gum Springs, AR acquisition that offers CERCLA and Hazardous Waste landfill, reuse and incineration services. To learn more about Gum Springs, click here.
Stay well and be safe.


Bob Cappadona
President, Chief Operating Officer
Environmental Solutions and Services
Veolia North America