UPDATE: Important Message from Environmental Solutions & Services

July 30. 2020

Dear customers and partners,

The last four months have been a roller coaster. At the onset of COVID-19, we all experienced the lockdowns designed to flatten the curve. Recently, depending on where you live, we have seen people returning to work in greater numbers. Companies, including Veolia, proactively continue to update returning to and active workplace policies, to disinfect and decontaminate if needed and redesign office spaces, warehouses and production areas to accommodate CDC recommendations to mitigate the spread of COVID. Today, we are seeing a second wave of spikes in new cases in some areas of the country; clearly, we will be living with COVID-19 for the near future.

As is often the case with times of great stress, people rise to meet the challenge and this time it’s no different. We have all learned how to take care of and protect ourselves and the ones we love from the spread. We redefined our wardrobe to include face coverings, masks and gloves while carrying hand sanitizer for immediate use. As a result, we made and continue to make a difference in slowing the spread of COVID.

Our challenge now is to be leaders, no matter our job title or social position, against the spread of COVID. Wherever we are, we influence others by leading by example and discussing with our friends, coworkers and families why we need to stay disciplined with the basics: wash our hands, control our personal environment through social distancing, monitor our personal health and wear a mask/face covering. If we all participate and lead in our battle against the spread, we will continue to win against this pandemic.

In closing, I would add just how proud I am of our team's commitment to their families, communities, customers, each other and Veolia on preventing the spread of COVID.  The team members’ leadership and adherence to following CDC and company guidelines at home and work has kept the Veolia family safe. Our dedication to safety and performance allows us to continue to provide the services you have come to rely upon from Veolia. Thank you and stay safe.



Bob Cappadona
President, Chief Operating Officer
Environmental Solutions and Services
Veolia North America