UPDATE: Important Message from Environmental Solutions & Services

December 3. 2020

Dear customers and partners,

Welcome back from Thanksgiving. I want to share my gratitude for those in my life and that includes you and our Veolia team. A special thank you to the front line essential workers, medical professionals and scientists that delivered services, medical and emergency services and research for treatment and vaccine production.  Without those heroes, our battle against COVID would be more challenging and lives lost.  Our hearts go out to those who have suffered loss and to those who are recovering.

We all fought hard against the initial spread of COVID and are being challenged to defeat the second wave.  We have to be steadfast with following CDC guidelines in order to succeed. We protect our employees who in turn protect you and your operations. Wash your hands, wear a mask and keep socially distant. Two vaccines may be approved by the FDA shortly followed by more. Please, do your part to follow CDC guidelines, and if you choose, get innoculated.

As we fight the second wave, we continue to provide guidance to our employees on how to work safely, efficiently and what CDC practices must be followed to mitigate COVID exposure. At work, we continue to stay focused. The biggest challenge is reminding everyone that risk outside of work still exists and to consider the potential consequences that COVID has when family, friends and coworkers are exposed.  We understand that COVID fatigue may have set in, and we’re tired, but without our diligence, the spread will continue. Help us by doing your part to prevent the spread and prevent a third wave. 

From Thanksgiving through the new year we will spend more time with our family and friends as we ring in the holidays and new year. Although some gatherings and celebrations may be different than years past, we have technology that helps us maintain that bond. The message remains the same; love, care and support each other while taking extra care to protect each other from spreading COVID. I found that a phone call, letter, card, email or text message from family and friends can go a long way in lifting spirits and making people feel connected, especially as the holidays approach. I always remind myself that small gestures of kindness can bring happiness to those around us.

Thank you for supporting our team.  Over this year, we have remained nimble to adapt our  services to meet your needs.  Initially, this included decontamination of facilities and offices, then provision of our experts reporting to your locations as on site service support.  Most recently, we are supporting the production of several vaccines. Until the COVID vaccines are approved and distributed, we'll continue battling the COVID spread.



Bob Cappadona
President, Chief Operating Officer
Environmental Solutions and Services
Veolia North America