Veolia Goes National With Effort to "Keep Wipes Out Of Pipes"

Veolia North America is partnering with municipalities across the United States where it operates and maintains wastewater infrastructure to help teach and remind residents what can and cannot be flushed. This “No Wipes In The Pipes” message being amplified by national outlets such as The Hill, regional outlets such as The Providence Journal, industry media such as Smart Cities Dive, and a growing list of local media in communities from Massachusetts to Mississippi.

The ever-present issue has grown into an unexpected challenge of the coronavirus outbreak. As a large portion of the population stays home and steps up their hygiene, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, and other disposable cleaning materials are clogging wastewater infrastructure everywhere. Sewer lines and drains are being stressed by buildups of the used wipes and other materials discarded down toilets. If the buildups are allowed to block neighborhood sewer lines, sewage can back up into people’s homes causing costly repairs and cleanups.


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