Business Continuity for Industrial Customers

Essential services for essential operations

Since the large majority of our customers provide critical services to the community, keeping them running is our top priority.

As we all navigate the continual change throughout this pandemic, Veolia employees have performed essential services without fail. Veolia North America’s Industrial Water division is currently operating at 75 sites and supports over 100 customers throughout the United States. They have all been deemed essential businesses.

When necessary, our support can be handled remotely, but the vast majority of our employees still work resolutely onsite as they perform critical functions that must be first-hand.

In addition to providing uninterrupted service, we strive to be a source of assistance for our customers providing critically needed operations support, utilities and chemicals whenever possible. You can learn more about the support we can provide during this pandemic here.


Operational service continues without interruption

As we've seen over the past few weeks, predicting the impact COVID-19 might have on a business is nearly impossible, so we are taking proactive measures to protect our customers, our workforce and supply chain. The maximum level of precaution has been taken company-wide at Veolia, and the positive impact is clear.

Our employees operating at customer sites are staying healthy and the absentee rate is below 1% for April 2020. This rate is well below the pre-pandemic national average, which was 2.8% in 2019

Our employees' health is a testament to the effective practice of social distancing and self monitoring.  We are following all CDC guidelines to prevent illness which is enabling us to continue operating safely and efficiently at our customer sites.


The proactive measures used to fight the spread among our employees include, but are not limited to:

Social distancing, always — In compliance with the CDC regulations we have evaluated every action our employees take and found an alternate modus operandi to accommodate at least six feet between personnel.

Using technology to self monitor — We’ve developed an app that can be used in the place of physical forms to screen all personnel before entering a site. The app leads employees through a series of questions and if any answers are “yes,” the app immediately notifies appropriate management and HR representatives, who oversee Veolia's COVID-19 protocol to ensure the appropriate level of support is provided to the employee, and also to the other Veolia employees at the applicable worksite. 

PPE supply management — We receive weekly updates on  PPE supplies from each of our operating sites and use this information to purchase and distribute critical supplies of N95 masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, liquid soap and disinfectants.  Supplies are purchased and stored regionally. Strategies also include reusable PPE where possible.

Providing flexibility to our customers — We evaluate each situation to provide modifications to shift coverage to reduce costs during slower periods and supply all essential employees.

Enabling employees to proactive quarantine — If a family member or cohabitant returns from a trip or might have been exposed to the virus, we provide our employees with alternate lodging so they are able to avoid contact.

Back-to-work protocol — In all instances of self-quarantine, Veolia follows a formal return-to-work policy that meets or exceeds all CDC guidance. 

How we're doing so far

Zero impact, available support. 100% of our customers are receiving the operational support they need when they need it. Our customers have attentive account managers who report regularly and actively monitor any changes or risks that could affect their customers’ operations. Communication is frequent and open as we navigate this challenge together.

Tailored contingency plans have been enacted and rolled out to meet specific site needs and contract requirements. An industrial site’s contingency plan can include a variety of protocols ranging from employees working remotely, to backfilling operations with overtime to hiring additional temporary support.

Employees are following procedures. Our team is taking appropriate steps to follow the CDC guidelines, ensure the safety of our employees, and protect our employees, customers and the general public by helping to contain and minimize the spread of the virus.

Donating and helping where we can. Veolia North America has donated 40,000 masks so far to medical centers in Houston; New York; Philadelphia; Albuquerque, N.M.; Colton, California; and Montreal.

How can we help you?

Our team is focused and ready to help our customers continue business as usual, stay positive, and stay safe. Beyond providing essential service, we hope to be a steady partner for every customer as they navigate this difficult situation. 

We have a long history of preparing for  emergencies from potential sulfuric acid spills to hurricanes and we are proud to continue supporting our customers through this crisis. 

Our focus, as always, is on safety, which will remain our top priority. We believe that strong safety practices ensure business continuity. You can learn more on our Safety during COVID-19 page. Our employees have exceeded expectations in the face of uncertainty, allowing business to continue as usual for our customers, no matter what obstacles get in their way.  While we certainly are proud of our Veolia team and have some (link) heroes of our own, the main spotlight belongs to our customers as they rise to the challenge of supporting our communities in this crisis.