Industrial Water and Wastewater Support

All over the world our staff is on the ground performing critical services and supporting customers as they navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19. As unique needs arise within the essential services sector, we are here to help.


Operations expertise when you need it

We provide water treatment, wastewater treatment, residuals processing, water reuse and by-product recovery services for over 90 industrial plants in North America.  Virtually all have been deemed essential because they’re in industries such as defense, pharma, food and beverage, petrochemicals, oil refining and primary metals. 

Companies like yours — and like ours — are critical to the nation’s infrastructure. Our national base of plant operators, equipment maintenance staff, engineers, logistics support, health and safety experts, and supply chain personnel can provide you with a deep bench of staffers and supplies to keep you up and running.  

Safety protocols aligned with the CDC

We have implemented protocols and practices, in line with CDC recommendations, to ensure that our staff is fit for duty.  

At the same time we are mindful that some of our workers’ family members are health care providers so we have initiated self-quarantine practices as necessary in the abundance of caution.  

In short, Veolia is doing its part to maintain essential services while minimizing the potential for COVID-19 spreading in America. 


Continuity of operations: Our differentiated value

Our team understands the meaning and value of business continuity,  so our priority is to help your plant to continue producing needed products for America without interruption.  

Our operational, maintenance, engineering, logistics, procurement and Health Safety & Environment (HSE) support across the country gives us the depth of experience and nimbleness to support a broad range of industries at plant locations across the continent. 

This includes not only the personnel support but also pre-planning support needed to keep your plant operating during times of crisis,. Because you need to ensure supplies are available during periods of disruption and contingencies are in place for remote oversight. 

Support, for example, would include:

  • identifying needed onsite spares and parts to assure process availability, 
  • staying up-to-date on preventative maintenance,  
  • access to technical centers available to accept samples for analysis or pilot testing of technologies to solve complex issues and/or optimize plant operations,   
  • identifying and securing key process chemicals and 
  • maintaining an inventory of key PPE supplies, etc. 

Planning support would also include an evaluation of remote site monitoring and control strategies.

We also leverage our global relationships and our national reach to provide best-in-class services. You can depend on our long-standing reputation to keep your operations efficient, compliant and safe, no matter how trying the circumstances. 


Critical operations, solutions, and support

We can offer a range of support packages that we’ll tailor to your current and future needs. The services we’ve put together include:

  • Long- term contract operations for water treatment, wastewater treatment, residuals processing, by-product recovery and water reuse services with performance guarantees.
  • Short-term licensed or unlicensed personnel when regionally available 
  • Business continuity planning
  • Site audits and O&M consulting focused on process and cost-efficiency improvements.
  • Remote process support and KPI management/reporting

Whether you’re a current or new customer in need of extra backup, we are able to deliver efficient, dependable and safe operations.


In this time of heightened stress important decisions need to be made, experience and technical knowhow are critical. Veolia can help.

Contact our team of operations experts and receive a call back within 24 hours