CUSTOMER UPDATE: Sulfuric Acid Regeneration Services

In the face of this pandemic, our primary goal remains constant: to consistently supply your company with high-quality sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid derivatives and sulfuric acid regeneration services in a safe, timely and environmentally-friendly manner.

Safe Operations and Business Continuity 

Veolia North America maintains a sharp focus on two essential tasks; safe operations and serving our customers. We have taken extensive measures to mitigate potential business interruptions and maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Veolia’s Regeneration Services (RGS) group  operates a network of 7 sulfuric acid plant sites and a terminal that regularly provides backup capability for our customers.

Business Continuity Planning

We are undertaking business continuity planning in order to keep our processes running, our employees and customers safe, and product flowing to our valued customers:

  • Regular meetings of RGS business and operations leadership to allow quick response to the current fluid conditions.
  • Resource planning to mitigate and manage impacts at our production sites .
  • Enacting safe operating procedures to keep our personnel safe and limit interactions with outside entities to business critical only
  • Working closely with vendors to ensure the continuity of all raw materials.
  • Putting contingency plans in place to allow continued operation of our facilities should circumstances change.

Keeping Our People Safe

The safety of our people is of the utmost importance to us. We continue to monitor local and federal guidelines and regulations. We are continually assessing our operating procedures to keep our workers safe. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Working closely with our logistics partners to ensure safe interactions with plant personnel while keeping our product moving to our valued customers.
  • Limitations on travel for all employees unless deemed business-critical.
  • Strongly encouraging employees to stay home if they or any other household members are exhibiting symptoms as well as encouraging reporting of any potential contact with infections.
  • Limiting access to our production facilities and offices to critical personnel only.

Where to go for Help

If you need assistance with sulfuric acid, please contact your Veolia account manager or our customer service department at 1-800-441-9362. If you are contacting our customer service department before 8 a.m. EST or after 4 p.m. EST, please press “1” to be connected to our off-hours phone line.