Energy Procurement Services

Develop an optimal energy procurement strategy

Capitalize on our knowledge of local markets so you can identify the right product, compare bids, and negotiate the best price.

Managing an energy portfolio requires a thorough procurement strategy tailored to each client; a solid understanding of both the global and local energy markets; proper budgeting, forecasting and risk analysis; and active oversight of current demand, prices and hedges.

We can help you navigate the volatile and complex energy marketplace. We partner with your energy, operations, and sustainability teams to build a tangible plan to reduce your environmental impact, avoid compliance penalties, and source more energy from renewable sources.

Deregulated energy markets present an opportunity for facility owners and managers to purchase their own supply contracts for electricity and natural gas. Purchasing energy competitively enables you to source power and gas from the lowest cost supplier and employ active hedging strategies to more efficiently manage cash flows in both the short- and long-term.


Let us help you transform your energy procurement strategy, navigating around the pitfalls that can arise in the open and less-regulated marketplace.


Customer requirements definition

  • Customer value drivers for commodity management (e.g., budget certainty, low cost, etc.)
  • Load profile analysis, including load shape, volumes, and seasonality
  • Account or location aggregation opportunities
  • Commodity volume / spend


Commodity sourcing strategy

  • Definition of sourcing strategy alternatives based on customer requirements and market conditions
  • Review and selection of pricing structure(s) that will be used within the RFP (e.g., block + index load bid, etc.)
  • Definition of contracting term length
  • Definition of suppliers who will receive the RFP


RFP bidding and contracting

  • RFP creation and definition of RFP timing
  • Definition of components to be included in RFP for supplier pricing or supplier pass through
  • Supplier notification and management of the bidding process


Ongoing maintenance & updates

  • Ongoing access to our commodity experts and resources
  • Tracking of contract status and overall market conditions
  • Options for other value-adding services such as multi-site power usage intensity reporting, billing auditing, etc.

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Client Case Studies

A major Northeast public transportation authority 
Learn how this major public transportation authority partnered with Veolia to better manage energy procurement and streamline costs. [View case study]

City of Boston, MA 
Learn how the City of Boston partnered with Veolia for help through a wide range of energy management and advisory services. [View the case study]



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Manage carbon footprint and source renewable energy

There are many ways to purchase renewables ranging from outright ownership, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and renewable energy credits, to carbon offsets. We help identify the option that offers you the best combination of benefits including budget certainty, sustainability, and savings. We can also guide you through negotiating a PPA, navigating renewable energy credits markets, and finding reputable carbon offsets.

Physical PPAs or Virtual PPAs (VPPAs) can be an effective way to reduce GHGs, and save money by securing a low electricity rate. However, negotiating the agreement can be challenging without an energy expert on your side of the table. Our team reviews key terms, contract volumes, applicable regulations, and conducts a fatal flaw analysis.



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