Utility Expense Management

Automating collection of utility bills and meter data to create transparency, avoid utility billing errors, and sub-meter bill tenants

Optimal utility data management strategy

Utility expense management services that improve data collection efficiency, improve energy reporting, and reduce costs.


Organizations that have large energy and utility expenses, high volumes of monthly utility invoices, and or have multiple tenants where cost need to be allocated and recovered, require a comprehensive approach to utility expense management. Components of an optimal utility data management strategy can include:

  • Centralizing collection of utility invoice data into Hubgrade to streamline processing, validate invoices for errors, and organize invoices by cost center
  • Monitoring utility sub-meter data to provide tenants and owners with more accurate and transparent bills and usage data — accessible anywhere at anytime
  • Real-time monitoring of major energy-consuming assets to understand consumption patterns and identify opportunities to reduce consumption on demand
  • Benchmarking usage and cost data to inform energy budget and purchasing decisions



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Client Case Studies

Large Food & Beverage Manufacturer
Veolia helped one of the largest global food products corporation standardize management of their $70 million/yr utility cost profile. [Download case study]

Large Commercial Real Estate Owner
Veolia helped one of the largest owners of commercial real estate in the US develop a system to ensure ISO costs were being billed correctly, reimbursing multi-million dollar settlements. [View the case study]


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Streamlining utility bill management & energy management processes

Utility bill management is more than simply receiving and paying a monthly utility bill. Centralizing utility expense and usage data into a single data warehouse creates opportunities for organizations with a large volume of utility accounts to streamline data collection and improve bill processing efficiency.

Oftentimes, these bills are complex, requiring analysis of energy tariffs, meter data and associated costs. Common questions include: are these costs right? Are we being efficient? Is there something we can do better?

By collecting, centralizing and analyzing utility invoice and meter data in real time with our enterprise energy management platform, Hubgrade, we are able to provide you with the information you need to make impactful business decisions, presented on a simple and easy to understand dashboard. Veolia’s Hubgrade puts industry leading energy management software and other digital tools in the hands of our expert energy analysts and engineers to deliver a comprehensive utility expense management program.


Allocating and recovering cost through utility submetering systems

Real estate owners, managers, and campus / mixed use facilities have a need to accurately allocate utility costs back to tenants and ensure all costs are recovered. Metering and submetering usage from tenants and other large utility assets is an effective approach.

Veolia manages tens of thousands of submeters on a monthly basis and provide meter reading and billing services for some of the nation’s largest Class A real estate portfolios and mixed-use campuses.



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