Building Commissioning

Ensuring your building's critical systems and equipment work as intended

Building commissioning as a value-add

Every building has a purpose. Whether your organization relies on buildings to provide places to work, to live, to educate, or to inspire, that purpose requires buildings to function safely, reliably, and efficiently.

We view building commissioning as a value-add rather than simply a requirement. We believe the purpose of commissioning is to not only certify that the systems are installed and operating per design, but also offer the last opportunity to identify design and operation weaknesses prior to facility acceptance by ownership.

In our experience, we find traditional commissioners are not engaged early enough in the build process and often discover design problems late in construction, forcing project delays and adding expense. We take a more holistic approach, engaging early and ensuring that your equipment functions as intended and delivers a platform for long-term operational success.


Experienced commissioning alongside design, construction and operations teams

We work with your design, construction, and operations teams to ensure facilities are constructed and commissioned properly, providing the best possible operation. Take confidence in our unmatched expertise:

  • Experience working in “live” environments
  • Unmatched data center commissioning expertise
  • Thorough knowledge of LEED commissioning standards
  • Culture of safety with matching track record
  • A focus on efficiency and occupant experience
  • Project coverage across North America
  • Cohesive team and robust employee training


Our five-level commissioning approach

Veolia adheres to industry standard proven commissioning guidelines, coupled with high emphasis on owner’s representation. Our expert teams have conducted commissioning, recommissioning, and retrocommissioning projects on millions of square feet of building space. Our five-level commissioning approach involves:

  • Level 0: Planning and Development
  • Level 1: Factory Witness Testing
  • Level 2: Installation Verification
  • Level 3: Start-up
  • Level 4: Functional Performance Testing
  • Level 5: Integrated System Testing


Download our testing & commissioning brochure to learn more about our mission critical commissioning solutions.


Client Case Studies

Coney Island Hospital
Discover how we helped retro-commission a major urban hospital, saving them $1.5 million/yr in energy savings. [View case study]

Silicon Valley Data Center
Learn more about our 4 million sq. ft. commissioning project for a data facility in Silicon Valley. [View the case study]


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Commissioning for existing facilities

We help you restore functionality and reduce energy waste by recommissioning your existing facility/equipment to bring performance levels back in line with the original design intent.

We can also assist in retrocommissioning to correct any slip in performance or energy efficiency to ensure reliable future operations.

Mission critical commissioning

MIssion critical facilities like hospitals and data centers need to be fully operational in order to maintain critical building systems. System reliability and efficiency are paramount and must function in the capacity with which they were designed.

As your independent 3rd party commissioning agent, Veolia engages early in the design and construction process to ensure your equipment functions as intended, delivering a platform for long-term operational success.



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