Central Utility Plants

Delivering reliable and environmentally efficient central utility plant performance with unwavering commitment to safety and quality

Reliable and efficient central utility plant performance

A central utility plant (CUP) is the central nervous system of industrial facilities, plants, campuses and mission critical buildings.

Your central utility plant provides the necessary heating, cooling, and power to ensure your facility is operating efficiently. With increased focus on core competencies, however, companies often neglect the resources necessary to support CUPs. This is a critical issue as plant utilities must perform consistently and reliably to avoid downtime and lost production.

Even minor disruptions in electrical supply, for instance, can stop a manufacturing/production process all together. Having an experienced third-party provider that can deliver central utility plant services can help facility owners and operators avoid these scenarios and allow them to spend time on what matters most — core business operations.


Consider a performance contract when upgrading or expanding your central utility plant

Central utility plant services are best delivered through performance agreements — where services are provided as required by the customer to meet demand, quality, and availability levels of utilities. This approach offers a number of advantages to facility operators by allowing them to:

  • Focus financial and manpower on core production
  • Improve central plant efficiency, performance, and reliability
  • Offload responsibility for long-term operations & maintenance of the central utility plant to an experienced third party operator


Key steps in developing a performance agreement

What’s the ideal path to get from an initial concept to a performing agreement?

  1. Define the objectives
  2. Develop a thorough benchmark of current cost and performance
  3. Screen for potential development partners
  4. Create a project development agreement (PDA)

Ultimately, given the resources required, the detailed development and closing of a service agreement are best performed with a single utility partner under the guidance of a PDA.

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Client Case Studies

DuPont Spruance
Discover how our multi-year partnership helped convert DuPont’s utility infrastructure from coal to natural gas. [Download case study]

Vineland Municipal Electric Utility (VMEU)
Learn more about the city’s decision to work with Veolia to perform a major infrastructure revitalization. [View the case study]


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Our central utility plant solutions

As your dedicated partner, our solutions can help you improve ROI and focus your resources on core production.

Thermal and cooling units

Whether for environmental control or process cooling, our expertise spans a broad range of equipment and applications, from cooling towers and ultra-cold chilling systems to energy recovery units.

Water systems

We possess the capability to design, build, operate and maintain systems across the entire water cycle with a portfolio of 350+ technologies.

Electric utilities

Our services for the full range of electrical installations include legacy and modern systems, as well as low- and high-voltage distribution infrastructure.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

By adopting an integrated view of the energy and cost balance within HVAC systems, Veolia has been able to substantially reduce the overall cost of use on clients’ sites, while improving comfort levels and working conditions for staff.

Waste-related services

Tailored, industry-specific services minimize waste and maximize the potential benefit of rational waste strategies, such as reduction, reuse and recycling through direct means or transformation through recovery or incineration.



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