Public Water & Wastewater Systems

Public water and wastewater systems protect and preserve local water resources for communities everywhere. The reliable operation of these facilities is critical for public health and safety.

Veolia partners with public utilities to improve operations, mitigate risk, improve infrastructure, and decrease operational costs. By partnering with a private company, cities and municipalities gain access to experienced management and labor as well as a global network of technical resources.

In our public private partnerships (P3s), local governments maintain ownership and control while Veolia takes care of day to day operations and maintenance of infrastructure.


Veolia's P3 solutions include:

Operations Partnerships – Veolia leads the market in water and wastewater operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions. Our water and wastewater employees live and operate in 617 communities serving a population of over 10 million people.

Operations Optimization Programs – Veolia’s operations optimization services are an extension of our O&M services; they include asset management, metering and billing, capital program management, and data analytics.


Our Approach to Public Water & Wastewater Systems

Our flexible approach to outsourcing focuses primarily on our clients' goals, customizing each partnership according to individual performance metrics. As a market leader in North America and around the world, our worldwide network of industry experts are dedicated to operational excellence and efficiency.


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