Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Our solutions for water & wastewater treatment

The treatment of municipal water and wastewater consists of complex, multi-stage processes which must meet strict safety, efficiency, and environmental standards. Municipal treatment facilities use sand filtration, adsorbent media, enhanced clarification, membrane treatment, disinfecting agents, and biological treatment to remove suspended solids, organic matter, micropollutants, bacteria, and viruses. For all treatment methods, operational expertise is required to deliver quality water and drinking water to cities and local communities.

Stages of water and wastewater treatment processes:


  • Clarification
  • Filtration and Polishing
  • Disinfection and Storage


  • Preliminary treatment
  • Primary treatment
  • Secondary treatment
  • Tertiary Polishing

With a network of licensed operators, operational best practices, and portfolio of more than 350 proprietary water technologies, Veolia provides treatment solutions that increase the value of water and wastewater resources.

Worldwide network of licensed operators

Our support teams help utilities go beyond what technology alone is capable of, providing access to a local and worldwide network of licensed operators. Veolia’s on-site experts have mastered every stage of the water and wastewater treatment cycles, from preliminary treatment and filtration through disinfection and polishing.

Operational excellence best practices

There are a number of ways Veolia approaches the water and wastewater treatment processes to drive operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. We use methodologies involving process control systems, energy usage, chemical usage, labor productivity, inventory management and optimal sludge processes to achieve millions in cost savings, stabilize water and sewer rates, reduce water loss, and improve water quality.

Proprietary treatment technologies

Veolia’s portfolio of proprietary water treatment technologies includes over 350 solutions to manage, optimize and recover water and wastewater for municipal facilities. From rapid gravitational filtration systems and high rate enhanced clarifiers to biological and activated sludge treatment technologies, our solutions help extract the full value of water resources.

They chose this solution

New York, New York

United States

Support of the New York City's Operational Excellence program has enhanced utility services.

The partnership, which began in November 2011, has streamlined workflows, boosted productivity, identified efficiencies and met Department of Environmental Protection’s goals - resulting in environmental benefits and reduced water costs for 9 million New Yorkers.

Rialto, California

United States

Strengthening the city's financial position and improving infrastructure services with wastewater partnership.

Seeking superior service and lower costs, the City of Rialto contracted with Veolia to provide O&M services to the city’s wastewater treatment plant and collection system.



Tampa Bay, Florida

United States

Multiple awards for quality and best practices from AWWA and others.

Tampa Bay Water partners with Veolia using a Design-Build-Operate (DBO) model that was adapted to meet the client's need for a new water supply source.

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United States

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