Veolia and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Services for responding to coronavirus needs

As part of our nationwide environmental solutions and service, Veolia is prepared to discuss coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency response needs with our customers and suppliers. We have taken the necessary steps to have extensive resources in place to respond, including a highly qualified service partner network. Please contact your local account manager to review our services in more detail.

You can learn more about Veolia's Emergency Response program here. If you have an immediate need, call our Emergency Response phone number, 800-688-4005.

Helpful Links:

As we have seen, the regulatory agencies have been diligent about informing and educating the public about the current coronavirus and how to manage through the epidemic.  For your convenience, we have listed some helpful links that address how people and businesses can help prevent exposure and what disinfectants can be used for decontamination.

Main websites:

More specific links: