Port Washington, WI

1275 Mineral Springs Drive
Port Washington WI 53074
United States

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The Veolia North America (VNA) Port Washington, Wisconsin facility is an Electronics Recycling Group location. The site consists of 11.45 acres of which 4 acres are in use. A security fence surrounds the active portion of the site. There is only one gate to the facility that is locked during off-hours. Previous use of the property was agricultural (fields). The nearest residential area is approximately one half mile. The facility storage building opened on December 27, 1989 and is located along the northwest end of the active portion of the site inside the security fence. The facility storage building is 82'x120' or 9,840 square feet. There are no underground or above ground storage tanks on the site. Veolia's facility "Part B" permit has been extended by the WDNR during the re-licensing process. The facility is exempt from regulation under certain portions of Chapter NR 600 Wis. Admin. Code because it meets the definition of "legitimate recovery" operations under NR 625.06 Wis Admin. Code. PCB accumulation is exempt from commercial PCB storage requirements under section 144.44 (9) Wis. Stats. The facility has also filed a storm water permit application. There are no industrial wastewater discharges from the facility.

VeoliaNA-Port Washington can handle the following types of waste: mercury bearing lamps, mercury devices, mercury compounds, mercury debris, mercury soil, mercury contaminated phosphor, lamp ballasts, small PCB capacitors (<9lbs), all types of batteries, computers and electronics.

US EPA ID: WID988566543
State Regulatory Agency: www.dnr.state.wi.us

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Matt Scudder