North Jackson, OH

12480 B DeBartolo Drive
North Jackson OH 44451
United States

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The Veolia North America North Jackson, Ohio facility is a combination 10-day in-transit facility for containerized chemical, hazardous, and nonhazardous waste, as well as a sales and service center for the Ohio Valley Branch. This facility is operated from a leased property that is part of a multi-tenant, office-warehouse complex that is readily accessible from Interstate 76 and Interstate 80 (Ohio Turnpike).

VeoliaNA-North Jackson is home base for two customer service teams consisting of field service technicians in addition to sales, technical/customer service, and project management personnel.

The 10-day in-transit facility is a distribution center where “less than truckload” (LTL) quantities of containerized waste are off-loaded from field service vehicles returning from daily service at our customers’ generating locations. Inbound containerized waste is consolidated within 10 days to make full truckloads and are ultimately shipped to approved final treatment, recycling, or disposal facilities.

VeoliaNA-North Jackson's 10-day in-transit and service center provides our customers the capability of local field services and technical/customer support along with a turnkey and cost-effective transportation and disposal program for managing their wastes. The operation provides customers with a complete range of environmental services including lab work, drum and bulk waste management, along with a variety of special services including remediation, reactive chemical management, low level radioactive waste management, in-plant waste management services, training services, and universal waste management.

The general service area is comprised of northern and eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and northern West Virginia. The cities and outlying areas of Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, and Canton, Ohio, Erie and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Morgantown, West Virginia are serviced on a routine basis.

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