Middlesex, NJ

125 River Road
Middlesex NJ 08846
United States

About this location:

Facility Name: Veolia ES Technical Solutions (formerly: Marisol, Inc.)
Address: 125 Factory Lane, Middlesex, New Jersey 08846

Branch Management:

  • Kevin Anderson, General Manager
  • Michael Pikulin, Facility Manager
  • John Schantz, EH&S Manager
  • Timothy Braden, Site Safety Supervisor
  • Robert Romano, PSM Coordinator
  • Laszlo Jandrasics, Operations Manager

EPA ID Number: SIC/NAICS Code: NJD 002 454 544 4953/562211

Property ownership status:
The site is owned by Veolia Environmental Services (purchased in May 2007 from Marisol Inc.)

Property Size: 3.886 Acres (all currently active)

Hours of Operation: 24-Hours (365 days a year)

Number of Employees: Approximately 75 at this location

Site History:
This Veolia facility was founded in 1962 as Marisol Incorporated. In May 2007; Marisol was acquired by Veolia Environmental Services. On January 1, 2008 the company changed their name to Veolia ES Technical Solutions (VESTS).  

Expected life span of facility: Indefinite

Surrounding Area Description:
This Veolia facility is located near River Road, approximately 1.6 miles North of Interstate Route 287. The area is primarily industrial and is bordered by Conrail to the North and South, and Reagent Chemical to the East and West.

Site Contact:

Kevin Anderson
tollfree. 800.426.2382