Menomonee Falls, WI

W 124 N 9451 Boundary
Menomonee Falls WI 53051
United States

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The Veolia North America Menomonee Falls is a 10-acre facility located north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Veolia possesses a Part B Permit, issued in June of 1988, for RCRA drum and bulk storage of liquids and solids. Veolia ES also offers stabilization/fixation of certain RCRA hazardous solids, which are ultimately disposed at an approved land disposal facility, and a labpack depack and bulking process. Although Veolia is not considered a final disposal facility, it is an integral key to VES’ success in servicing its customers.

Veolia is capable of treating up to 1,500 cubic yards of material requiring stabilization in a given week. Characteristically hazardous wastes, which require stabilization, are treated via a chemical process where approved reagents are added to waste in predetermined ratios to render it non-hazardous. All de-characterized residuals are tested to ensure treatment to specified levels. Non-hazardous treatment residuals are disposed at Veolia-owned facilities, located nearby the Veolia complex. By utilizing a Subtitle D landfill, the de-characterized residuals are not commingled with hazardous wastes, thereby reducing the customer's risk of future environmental action.

Veolia is capable of storing and processing up to 800 drums and 60 rolloff boxes of hazardous waste. During the storage process, hazardous wastes are tested, pre-approved and accepted for on site processing or eventual off-site disposal. Bulk quantities of non-reactive, solid hazardous wastes are stored in a lugger/rolloff storage unit. Non-hazardous liquid wastes are accepted in bulk and drum containers. These wastes can be solidified and ultimately disposed at a Veolia-owned facilities. Empty containers are crushed and disposed in the same manner or sent off-site for reconditioning.

US EPA ID: WID003967148

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