Louisiana, MO

3651 West Industrial Drive
Louisiana MO 63353
United States

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About this location:

Located 95 miles northwest of St. Louis, the Veolia Louisiana, Missouri facility is focused on beneficially reusing materials to provide alternative fuels solutions.  

A key focus area of this facility is the production of Veolia’s engineered fuel product processed from non-hazardous secondary materials, providing generators a more sustainable option for materials that may otherwise be considered waste.  Veolia’s engineered fuel program helps offset coal used in the production of cement or lime products resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

The engineered fuel product is processed in accordance with the Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials (NHSM) regulations as described in 40 CFR § 241.  Each potential candidate for this program is evaluated and, if approved into the engineered fuel program, is accepted as a fuel ingredient and not a discarded waste.  The material is prepared through a series of steps, including administrative screening, shredding, removal of chlorinated materials and contaminants, and blending to meet both regulatory requirements and kiln specifications.  Once prepared, it is managed as a valuable product until its final use at the kiln.  

Veolia’s experienced team of sales and operations personnel work with customers to assess their specific materials and industrial byproducts to offer solutions that meet their needs, coordinating with the Louisiana, Missouri facility on review and approval into the engineered fuel program. 


Examples of materials: 

Post-consumer material, off-specification commercial products, manufacturing intermediates, scrap, biogenic materials, industrial/commercial by-product materials, industrial debris, non-hazardous pharmaceuticals and consumer product recalls. 


Acceptable containers/delivery:

Material is acceptable in either containerized or bulk form (drums, cubic yard boxes/bags, palletized materials, bales, roll-offs, end dumps).


Benefits of Veolia’s Engineered Fuel Program:

  • Beneficial alternative to landfill or waste-to-energy

  • Material accepted into the program is considered a non-hazardous secondary material product, instead of a discarded waste

  • Provides secure destruction and brand protection, complete with a certificate of destruction

  • Engineered fuel replaces fossil fuels, such as coal, used in the production of cement and lime products

  • Engineered fuel provides a cleaner energy source that reduces stack emissions as compared to coal

  • Use of engineered fuel in cement and lime processes provides a net CO2 reduction, benefiting their efforts to reach carbon neutrality. 

  • The inorganic components become incorporated in the cement product and provide needed raw materials for the cement manufacturing process (calcium, silica, aluminum, and iron)


In addition to engineered fuel processing, the facility is also permitted to accept hazardous waste and regulated medical waste.  

Site Contact:

David Araujo