Creedmoor, NC

2176 Will Suitt Road
Creedmoor NC 27522
United States

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The Veolia North America (VNA) Creedmoor, North Carolina facility is a Part B hazardous waste storage and transfer facility permitted by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR). Located on a 25-acre site, the facility consists of an office building for sales and operations personnel, a 10,000-sq. ft. warehouse for equipment storage, and a 3,120-sq. ft. covered loading dock for receiving and transferring wastes. Waste materials are stored in trailers that are parked in one of four secondary containment areas prior to shipment for final treatment and disposal.

The VeoliaNA-Creedmoor facility is permitted to store non-hazardous and all RCRA and state hazardous wastes excluding PCBs, medical and radioactive wastes. The facility has a storage capacity equal to 1,600 55-gallon drums. The facility utilizes a bar code scanning system to track the location and status of all wastes received and shipped off-site. The facility is permitted to bulk and blend waste prior to disposal at an VeoliaNA approved facility.

The facility received its Part B permit in May 1990. The renewed Part B Permit became effective August 13, 2001.

US EPA ID: NCD986166338
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John Scarpiello
tollfree. 800.322.8350