Colton, CA

241 West Laurel Street
Colton CA 92324
United States

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Veolia Colton is a licensed medical waste collector, transporter, transfer station, and autoclave treatment facility, located in San Bernardino County, Colton, CA.

This facility has established itself as an industry leader within the offsite medical waste disposal market, serving some of the region's most successful institutions and healthcare facilities. Our facility enjoys longstanding relationships with clients including doctor, dentist, and veterinarian offices; dialysis centers; convalescent and skilled-nursing facilities; medical clinics; prisons; colleges and universities; laboratories; mortuaries; and small, medium and large hospital medical centers.

Over its 36 year history, the Colton facility has established itself as a preferred vendor for its high quality standards, technical know-how, innovation, unwavering commitment to client service, and comprehensive solutions. Waste services are vital for clients whose reputational and liability risks are high, and where regulatory compliance is critical to both operational success and the bottom line. Clients depend on our facility's focus on compliance, reliability, and responsiveness, viewing Veolia Colton as a trusted outsourcing partner.

From its strategically positioned location, our Colton facility regularly services coastal and inland client facilities in seven Southern California counties. This widespread service network underpins competitive advantages that are difficult to replicate, including relationships with the client’s key decision-makers, intimate knowledge of operations, and diverse technical expertise.

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Brent Bickenbach