Power Distribution and Electrical Equipment Recycling

The challenge as we see it

Retired electrical equipment may contain a variety of materials that require proper management prior to disposal or recycling. These include dielectric fluids that contain or are contaminated with PCBs or other regulated materials. Because of this, proper disposal and recycling practices must be followed to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Failure to comply may result in costly environmental liability.

Our differentiated value

Recycling reduces the potential for future liability. Valuable ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and oils, which do not contain PCBs, can be reused or recycled. 

​We tailor recycling programs around your needs. By working with us, you can benefit from the following:

  • Two RCRA Part B permitted facilities
  • ​TSCA Permitted PCB (PCB Commercial Storer) permitted facility in Phoenix, AZ
  • ISO14001/OHSAS-18001 certifications in Phoenix, AZ
  • TSCA Permitted Incinerator
  • Company-owned nationwide transportation and logistics capabilities
  • Audited and approved 3rd party transportation network
  • Audited and approved downstream processing vendors
  • ​Dedicated account and customer service representatives
  • On site services
  • Customized reporting capabilities


Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.


Decontamination (recycling) is one of the approved disposal methods contained in the TSCA regulations for PCB equipment. 

Our solutions for power distribution and electrical equipment recycling

Our staff will work with you and your team to design a customized recycling program to fit your organization’s specific needs. We will assess and thoroughly understand your project, equipment and inventory to cost-effectively evaluate your options. Based on these needs, we’ll develop onsite services and assist with proper profiling and labeling for transporting your waste safely.

We recycle the following PCB and non-PCB power distribution and electrical equipment: Arrestors; ballast; bushing; capacitors; circuit breakers; oils; re-closers; regulators; switchgear; transformers; and wire & cable.

We tailor recycling programs around your needs. By working with us, you can benefit from the following:

  • Complete range of services: We have has capabilities to handle non PCB and PCB contaminated materials. We offer a unique combination of recycling and total destruction services, including testing, draining, recycling, disposal and asset recovery services for all types of PCB and non-PCB electrical equipment.
  • On-site services: We can provide on-site teams to manage the decommissioning, testing and removal of even the largest pieces of electrical equipment. Our experienced teams are thoroughly trained in a wide range of processing technologies and environmental regulations to ensure your project is coordinated and completed safely, on time and within budget.
  • Asset recovery: We bring a wealth of experience along with a disciplined, strategic approach to ensure maximum values for your metals. Any payment received from Veolia can quickly be applied to off-set labor, transportation, and processing costs, thus providing you a solution that can save you money.
  • TSCA incineration: Veolia owns and operates a TSCA permitted incineration facility in Port Arthur, TX that offers a full-range of incineration technology. This allows the flexibility to manage hard to handle wastes and the ability to handle bulk or drummed wastes which eliminates the expense of special containers or special packaging. 

By working with Veolia, you are given the security of complete cradle-to-grave service, from collection and transportation to ultimate incineration of your hazardous waste materials recovered from retired PCB and non-PCB electrical equipment. 

Benefits for our customers

Four fully-permitted facilities

Customized recycling programs

Standards to meet regulatory compliance

Focus Innovation

Maintaining compliance with power distribution and electrical equipment recycling

Veolia maintains a proven record of compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations. We can help: Ensure that the handling, transport, recycling, reuse and disposal of all waste products meets state and federal regulations, protects against liability, meet or exceed the standards set by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and meets or exceed the standards set by the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

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